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Here at Elite Tier, we are vocal about what mindset shifts, tools, and routines we had to implement and still implement on a daily basis that allows us to excel and succeed as entrepreneurs! We are on a
mission to motivate + change lives through our platform!



It’s time to make your dreams a reality by joining our Mentorship Program and joining our exclusive student community! You will be equipped with everything you need to master social media, start a business, and start living the lifestyle you deserve.



Get connected to other elite entrepreneurship minded individuals inside our FREE facebook community! Get advice, gain support and help each other level up in the most positive and uplifting ways!



Join thousands of students inside Elite Tier Academy! Our popular online courses will teach you step-by-step how to start and effectively market an online business giving you the freedom to work from anywhere and confidently level up.

Who are we?

We’re Aishah & Shye – we used to be stuck in full time 9-5 and Bartending jobs (respectively) that made us feel depressed and uninspired in life. So, we started our journey into entrepreneurship, started online businesses, and have helped countless of others succeed with their online businesses using social media.

We quit our jobs, get to travel when and wherever we want, and have built and helped a community of over 500,000 people worldwide launch a digital business and finally live the dream lifestyle they deserve.

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Hear how our amazing students have gone from working jobs or being full-time college students to successfully launching an online business and finally becoming the entrepreneur they've always dreamed of being!

We hope their stories of overcoming challenges, fears, limited mindsets, and following their dreams inspires you!


Student Testimonials

Here's what only SOME of our students have to say about Elite Tier Academy

Darlenne - USA

Social Media Marketing Agency Owner

"My business is officially past $10,000 per month; it literally doubled by following Shye and Aishah’s advice! Aishah and Shye have been such a good example for me of what it looks like to hustle but still be young and enjoy life. What I was lacking was confidence to pursue high ticket clients because I felt like my business wasn’t ready. Knowing that I had access to the systems and processes that my mentors themselves used to scale their social media business was exactly what I needed to back me up as I close more clients. "

Giselle Gonzalez

Digital Marketing Agency

"I was making under $12,000 before investing in Elite Tier and I’m estimating to make $50,000 a month this year. Now, I am so much more confident in my skills and my ability to work hard to reach all of my goals. Self doubt? We don’t know her. I enjoy challenging myself and I look forward to failing daily, because it means I’m trying and I’m growing. I currently run 2 local businesses social media pages, it’s a dream!"

Carmina - CA

Social Media Agency Owner

I joined Elite Tier and entered their Mentorship program, which is huge and FULL of valuable content, and learned so much! Specifically, the modules helped me land a discovery call very easily! Thank you to Elite Tier for instilling the confidence in me that I have the knowledge, skill set and value to start a business and help other business owners. Within 2 months of joining the mentorship program, I've had days of nothing BUT discovery calls and closing clients. It's been great!"


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