About Us

Hi! Aishah & Shye, Co-founders of Elite Tier Academy, are experts at using social media to make money and breaking a 5-figure and 6-figure mark whether you provide a product a service.... all through utilizing innovative Social Media Marketing! We've broke 6-figures in our online business in a year and are here to teach others how to use the same Social Media Marketing tactics we used to do this for ourselves as well as the countless other businesses and entrepreneurs we've helped with this.
Before Elite Tier Academy, we Co-Founded a Women-owned Full-Service Marketing and PR Agency. We help our clients achieve their goals via social media marketing and PR efforts. Personally trained by 8 and 7 figure earning mentors in our fields, we have paved a way and have become one of the first female digital marketing experts to get the results we've achieved with their clients. We've worked with huge companies such as Bang Energy, Doctors, Dentists, 6/7 Figure Online Clothing brands, and have had access to huge influencer growth campaigns involving influencers ranging from micro-influencers to macro-influencers such as Kylie Jenner, The Kardashians, Roddy Richh, and so much more.
Now, we aspire to educate and inspire even more individuals to take up the opportunity of online money by using social media marketing tactics and branding themselves and/or their business online to effectively leverage social media, and become their own boss.
Having gone from individual freelancers to hitting 6-figures in our agency and fully automated our entire business, we have come to the realization that more people need to discover this blueprint. The blueprint that took us from full-time regular job employees to full-time entrepreneurs. The blueprint that took us from making $800 every 2 weeks to making $30,000+ a month. Our expertise lies in teaching ambitious business owners how to serve value on a silver platter and collect that daily payout with repeat payment notifications.
Whether we're teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to deposit their hobbies and skills straight into their bank accounts or pushing more established business owners to kick down the door on their self-limiting beliefs, we have mastered the process of securing the bag every day, all day, and all while we teach our audience how to do the same.
When you’re ready to discover how to package your expertise, get paid
and get your mind in a place to receive all the blessings set aside for you, visit our instagram @EliteTierAcademy