Social Media Marketing Services

If you are looking to come to us for Social Media Marketing Services, below is a rough basic starter pricing list of our services.


**Details can vary depending on business type and needs. Please reach out for a more accurate quote and if you are serious about taking your business to the next level!


Social Media Ads: Tired of inconsistent Sales? We will come up with a predictable game plan that involves paid ads that will consistently bring your business massive traffic and sales that is predictable, scalable, and profitable for your business.

Price: $1,000 -  $10,000 Monthly Management Fee (Varies depending on business size and goal)


Instagram Growth: Collaborate with influencers all the way from a micro influencer all the way up to big celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kevin Hart, and more to gain real followers, increase your follower count, engagement, and more

Price: $800 - $30,000 (varies on influencer we collaborate with and estimated follower growth)


Public Relations Campaigns: Gain exposure and credibility for your business by being featured in magazines ranging anywhere from a local magazine all the way up to Forbes, TV shows and interviews, and featured on podcasts that relate to your business' brand and get you that exposure you need to grow and gain expert positioning in your space.

Price: $500 - $20,000 Per campaign (Varies on publication placement, type of campaign[articles, podcasts, TV features, etc], and duration of campaign[one-time campaign vs. monthly campaigns])


Social Media Management: Have us take care of your business' posting, captions, graphics, and attention grabbing graphics that will engage your current followers as well as bring you more followers that will purchase from you and show interest in your brand, product, or service)

Price: $500 - $1,500 Monthly Management Fee (varies on if you need graphic designer along with management)


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