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Social Media Mastery Mentorship Program

Social Media Mastery Mentorship Program


We were able to reach 6-figures in less than ONE YEAR with our social media marketing agency. Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency is one of the most, if not the most, profitable online business to start in 2021. It's requires little to no start up costs, minimal time, and no inventory to invest in. You learn a social media skill.. and offer it! Getting a client for Social Media Marketing is a plus too! With clients paying a MINIMUM of $500-$1,000 per client PER MONTH. All you need is a couple clients to replace your monthly income.

Isn't it time you started getting paid from what you’re skilled at?


  • People That already have a passion or know how to use social media, and want to learn how to use social media and turn it into income: you’re always on your phone, you know about the new insta update first, you notice how brands market things, and your friends are always asking you for advice on captions or pics.
  • People that are sick of their 9-5: theres a beauty in never having to clock into a job or asking someone to take vacation leave ever again. Financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom is what you get with being your own boss. And I know people say this ALL the time and it’s so cliche, but when you create a business that you can do from your laptop or phone, your life really changes.
  • New Entrepreneurs: People that know they want in on the laptop lifestyle, people that know they can make it by themselves and start their own successful businesses, but just haven’t found exactly what to do or how to start step-by-step. The people that are looking for that one thing that is gonna change their lives, and is enough for them to take the leap.
  • Current Social Media Marketing agency owners: maybe you've heard about SMMA, already started your life as a social media marketer, but you're struggling to land clients, not quite sure what the next step is, or even where to start.

Are YOU Ready To Learn The Step-By-Step Method to Becoming A Social Media ELITE?


Our Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program

What People Are Saying About The Mentorship Program...

Tanveer got a $1.2k client her first month

"Ended up landing my very first high ticket client and ended up making 1200 dollars my very first month. I didn't even know that was possible to do but it definitely gave me the confidence that I needed to keep on going. I'm so happy and so thankful that they taught me a new profitable skill, and I can't wait to learn so much more from them.."

Camry Started her cosmetic line!

"I recently started a cosmetic line. And all that is thanks to elite tear Academy. before them I didn't know what I was doing. I'm just be honest, I had been searching so many things and I still wasn't sure like what steps I should take. So I just want to say thank you to them, because without them, I'll probably still just be thinking about what I should do next!"

Reem Calls it a Business Bootcamp and recommends everyone to get it in order to save time, money, and wasted mistakes!

" I've been learning everything from branding, to marketing to advertising. They really drill it in you and make you see a whole new perspective. So please save yourself some time, energy, money, all that good stuff and go join their mentorship and you won't regret it. I promise. Go check it out!"


Here’s What You’ll Get:

Access to 10+ Hours of In-Depth Training Modules

We’re going to take you through starting your own social media marketing business step-by-step. Everything you need to know will be covered, and you’ll develop the skills you need to succeed.


Learn to be a productive business owner by changing your mindset, productivity, and lifestyle


Learn how to market on Social Media in 2021..not your regular college marketing course. Learn marketing thats actually going to make you money. Learn to market your business and FOR businesses on social media the right way so sales and clients come to you easily.


Learn to brand yourself AND your business for success. Others perceiving you like a million dollar business is what will get you millions. Once you learn branding.. guess what... you can offer this as a service too! (Social Media Management)


Most people teach social media ads ALONE for thousands of dollars in their mentorship program but we're not going to do that....Once you learn ads, you can grow your business as well as get clients to pay you thousands just to run their ads.
Never started a business before? Have no idea what the step-by-step is? Have no idea how to get clients and/or sales with little experience? We got you covered with this section!


Not confident enough to secure clients that will pay you anywhere from $500- $5,000 a month? We got you covered. Learn how to successfully secure clients on a daily basis for your Social Media Business.


We don't just want you to start a business, we want you to learn how to GROW it!. Learn all the ways you can grow your business once you've started it up. Collaborations, White-labeling, and so much more.

To recap, here’s everything you’re getting...


  • A sales script that’s guaranteed to land clients
  • ​Proven and tested contracts to work with clients, collaborations, and even influencers!
  • ​Access to a private Facebook community filled with other aspiring entrepreneurs, successful graduates from the program, and marketing experts.
  • ​1-on-1 coaching from us.. MONTHLY! Hop on a coaching call that we have every month and get personalized help with your business!


But you won’t be paying ANYWHERE near that...

You’ve already seen the results for yourself…

And we’re on a mission to help YOU experience the life changing benefits of The Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program.
All you have to do is say YES...

Are YOU Ready To Learn The Step-By-Step Method to Becoming A Social Media ELITE?