Mentorship Program 2.0*

Mentorship Program 2.0*

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We've reached 6-figures in less than ONE YEAR with our social media marketing agency. Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency is one of the most, if not the most, profitable online business to start in 2020. It's requires little to no start up costs, minimal time, and no inventory to invest in. You learn a social media skill.. and offer it! Getting a client for Social  Media Marketing is a plus too! With clients paying a MINIMUM of $500-$1,000 per client PER MONTH. All you need is a couple clients to replace your monthly income.
lIsn't it time you started getting paid from what you’re skilled at?

This bundle includes:
✔BRANDING: Branding your way to 6 figures!
-Learn how to find a skill or learn a skill
-How to position yourself for success
-Famous Branding
-Branding guide (tone words, vibes, colors, etc)
-Successfully branding your social media platforms for success
-How to have clients come to YOU
 ✔MARKETING: Money Making' Marketing!
-in depth facebook and instagram course
-Learn to run profitable ads for as low as $5-10 a day
-How to start marketing for other businesses
-Different types of social media marketing services
-How to market yourself for success and get client
-Different marketing strategies for success
✔SOCIAL MEDIA ADS: Social Media Ads
-Learn to run ads on Instagram + Facebook
-High profitable skill whether you use it for your own business or offer it as a skill to other businesses
-Learn how to promote Instagram Ads for as low as $5-$10!
✔SALES: Securing That Client!
-Learn all the ways traditional and non-traditional that we use to secure clients every single day
-Social media tactics to attract and close clients
-Learn Sales Skills and how to close clients
-Contracts you can use + how to collect payment from clients
-How to book + schedule clients for on boarding
1-on-1 HELP:
-Get added to our Close friends on Instagram for insiders + first look at new products/courses/news/FREE TIPS
-Added to  "General Folder" on Instagram meaning your Das get bumped to the top and we can reply to Das for direct access to support 24/7
What Students Have Said About This Program:
Tanveer got a $1.2k client her first month
Camry Started her cosmetic line!
Reem Calls it a Business Bootcamp and recommends everyone to get it in order to save time, money, and wasted mistakes!
Brianna got over her fear of failure and has so much more direction with starting her first business!

With this bundle you will have all of the keys you need to start an online freelancing Agency, whether you provide social media marketing services like us or any other skill!
💰 Get yours and get to securing the bag!💰 ⁠