Paid Ads To Profits Course

Paid Ads To Profits Course


Promoting your online business can be scary, especially if you have no idea how to generate traffic an run ads to it… Which is probably why you’ve been putting it off this long, right?

This is why we’ve created this course, which will teach you everything you need to know, in depth, about running ads and how to start and launch your first social media ads as well.

In this course we will break it all down, sharing tried and tested methods that you can put into action immediately even if you have no prior experience running ads on social media. You can use this skill and master it for your own business or use it to offer to another business owner as a high income, high level skill. 

What you’ll learn in this Course (A look into the curriculum):
👉 The psychology behind running ads
👉structure of an ad
👉Pieces that go into a good ad
👉Different Types of campaigns
👉What is an adset?
👉Ads crash course
👉Knowing your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
👉How to know whether to kill or scale an ad
👉What is 'killing or scaling' an ad
👉Limiting beliefs and mindset around ads
👉Watch me create a real ad in real time
👉Bullet proof industries
👉Recommended tools
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